Craps Table

The game of craps is one of the most exciting casino games but is also one of the most intimidating. The main reason that many players are overwhelmed and intimidated by this casino game is purely because of what the craps table looks like. This big table, marked up with a plethora of betting options, surrounded by rowdy players and a team of casino staff is enough to scare off anyone new to casino gaming. However, if you take a step back and learn about the setup of the craps table the game will become much less daunting.

If you are playing craps in a live casino then the first thing you need to know about is about the casino employees that work at the craps table and what each of their roles is. There are generally up to four employees at each craps table. There is a boxman that sits in the center and guards the chips, keeps an eye on the dealers and colors out to players who want to exchange large chips for smaller ones; one or two base dealers that take care of collecting and paying bets on each side of the table; and a stickman, who takes bets at the center of the table, announces the game and collects the dice after each roll with a wooden stick. If you have any questions about the game these employees will generally be willing to answer them, provided the table is not too crowded.

Each side of the table is exactly the same, so choose a side and get ready to place your bets. The table has the different bets printed directly onto it and you place your chips directly over the bets on the table. You can place your chips on the Pass line or Don't Pass line, place a Come or Don't Come bet, an Odds bet, single roll bets or a number of proposition bets. Once you have placed your chips on the table don't touch them. The casino employees will take care of handling your bet and paying out the winners.

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