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When you play craps online or in an online casino computer game you are playing with craps software. Craps software is built to emulate the live casino experience, from the rules of the game to the look of the craps table to the atmosphere of the casino game. When you play the virtual game of craps using a software simulator you can enjoy this exciting casino game from home, for free or for real money and have a blast!

Craps games played online or on the computer are played by exactly the same rules as when you play in a live casino. You can make all the same types of bets as you can on a live craps table. In fact, most craps software versions are designed to look exactly like a real craps table in a real casino. A lot of work is put into the graphics and sound to make the craps software experience as real as possible.

The main difference between playing live craps and playing with software on a computer or online is that the online dice throw is automated, rather than thrown by a live player. In order to ensure that every throw of the dice is completely random and fair, Random Number Generation (RNG), the same RNG works in most 'unbeatable games' like slot machines is employed. RNG uses special algorithms to make sure that each throw of the dice is 100% random and offers the same odds and experience as in the live casino.

If you are thinking about playing craps from home on your computer it's easy to find craps software. Most online casinos offer free software downloads so you can install craps on your personal computer and play alongside other enthusiasts for fun or real money. Online casino software can be installed in minutes and doesn't take up a lot of space on your hard drive. If you don't want to download casino software you can find a no-download instant craps game and play directly from your Web browser.

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